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Why should I become a member of the NCESA and ESA?

As a member of NCESA, you are also a member of ESA.  Why?  Because the NCESA is a chartered state of ESA.  You receive benefits from both NCESA and ESA.  Some of the benefits are insurance from SECURITY AMERICA and HEALTH INSURANCE from ESA Member Benefit Program.  The National Training School (NTS) has many classes and webinar sessions at a discount to members.

Support the association that shapes the industry that supports you. Enjoy the benefits from membership in the state and national association such as:

  • Recognition as a professional in the alarm industry.

  • Stay abreast of rapid technical improvements.

  • Lower rates for seminars and trade shows as well as train your people with up-to-date training classes at a reasonable cost.

  • Exchange of ideas among other professionals.  You will be amazed how our members are willing to help each other.

  • Legislative representation.  Our attorney keeps us informed of any changes which affect our industry as well as help with the many problems we have had with city and county governments in North Carolina.

  • Membership puts you in touch at all levels of your business.  The knowledge you will gain from our members is priceless.


Many issues affecting the alarm dealers in North Carolina prompted a group of business people across the state to meet on September 8, 1977 to discuss these concerns.  It was decided that an association was an effective way of lobbying to change the laws, pool resources and time would be a great advantage to alarm dealers and manufacturers.  Thus, the North Carolina Alarm Systems Association, Inc. was founded.  In 1991, the association became the chartered state association of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and the name was changed to the North Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, Inc.  In 2009, the NBFAA changed its name to Electronic Security Association to broaden the scope of its members' practices. The NCBFAA followed suit in 2010 by changing its name to North Carolina Electronic Security Association.


Our Purpose
The purpose of this association shall be:

  • to promote the interest of the electrical protection systems industry;

  • to inform the public of the services performed by the industry;

  • to facilitate communication amoung those engaged in the sale an installation of alarms and supervisory systems;

  • to provide a forum for the discussion of ideas and problems;

  • to encourage the enactment of legislation beneficial to the industry and the public interest;

  • to promote professionalism within the industry.


Our Accomplishments
All organizations are judged by its activities and accomplishments.  NCESA is proud of its history and its part in accomplishing the following:

  • Efforts to restrict members from burdensome permits and taxes.

  • Establishment of a regulatory and licensing board for the alarm industry.

  • Education and preparation of members to meet licensing requirements for low voltage licensing.

  • Providing training schools for Level I and Level II Certification of Alarm Technicians.

  • Provision of seminars awarding required CEUs for maintaining certification and low voltage license renewal; plus business management and sales seminars.

  • New product displays of the major suppliers who establish our associate membership.

  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter which keeps members advised on state and local events which affect the alarm industry.

  • Annual convention and security industry trade show.

  • Numerous opportunities for exchange of ideas among our membership.

  • Periodic golf tournament where major suppliers and alarm dealers play golf together.

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